Extra information

» This is Confidential design 'Specific design Diamond Finger Ring Design’. Peoples of Indian subcontinent believe it as a ‘Magical Diamond Finger Ring’. This is absolutely confidential design you would not find anywhere else!

It is Symbolizes of rich, fame, wealth and prosperity.

It is believed that by wearing this design ‘Combined metal- specific design 'Diamond Finger Ring’ in your finger which help to boost your willpower and confidence.

Ornaments type: Indian Handmade Jewelry - needs of good fortune, unexpected success and for endless riches.

Occasion: This is Daily Wear Finger Ring.

Feature: » It creates the effective power for harmonizing with combined metal, diamonds, accurate round dimension, dimension measurement, specific design and combinations with each other.

Magical Diamond Ring is believed to have magical & mystical power.

» Shape and design: Accurate round dimension and dimension measurement are the main theme of the 'Secret Design Diamond Finger Ring'.

-Thank You.

Md Ashek E Alahi
74, South Shampur, Hemayetpur, Savar
Dhaka - 1340, Bangladesh.
Email: ashekbiz@gmail.com